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The Child who wanted to be Goddess (on Cracky-chan & Lain)    read article 14936 views
Cracky-chan Popular culture

by yemeth - 2013-11-28

The Exegesis of Philip K.Dick    read article 36008 views
Popular culture Chapel Perilous

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The Legend of Cracky-chan    read article 18384 views
Cracky-chan Popular culture

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Initiation: The production of the impossible Thing    read article 6828 views
Initiation Chaos Magick Chapel Perilous

by yemeth - 2009-05-21

Podcast: HdO 023: Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!1111!1!UNO    Escuchar podcast
Discordianism Chaos Magick Science

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Podcast: HdO 019: Magia del Caos - Más allá del Sigil    Escuchar podcast
Cracky-chan Chaos Magick

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Podcast: HdO 010: La Técnica del Sígil en la Magia del Caos    Escuchar podcast
Chaos Magick Austin Osman Spare

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Podcast: HdO 001: El legado de Austin Osman Spare y la Magia del Caos.    Escuchar podcast
Austin Osman Spare Chaos Magick

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