Open Magick

Open Magick Manifesto

Open Magick is a proyect through which we'd like to get open source philosophy into magick, creating an environment where this Art can be developed taking into account contemporary developments in copyleft, identity, and knowledge source opening.

A very basic foundation we have is the open source development model in which everything is published and re-usable. If your ideas or your rituals or whatever have something good, nothing should prevent others from reusing them, as long as what they do is still open, as long as we give back to the world what we took from it.

In order to carry this out, apart from publishing materials, we use open licenses. Copyright which prevents you from copying and modifying something is an obsolete mechanism which limits creativity and evolution and favours the asymmetric prosperity of those who appropiate ideas. Therefore, the natural enemy from these ideas are the draconian laws which supposedly defend "author rights" and patents over ideas which prevent their free reuse.

These ideas have increasingly spread to other fields, and magick can't be left behind. Magick is science's sister, and it can only be beneficial if it becomes public and open. Our rituals must stop remaining hidden in sealed temples. Our experiences and the mechanisms we use to produce them can't dissapear with us, the silence oaths and secrecy from orders do not make sense anymore, and do just block the natural development of magick. The world is changing, and we are going to change with it.

We should stop clinging to outdated models based in hierarchy and secrecy, and we reject as well the mercantilization of Spirit that has been carried out by a New Era which buys and sells anything. A mediocre guru legion who abuse cheap psychology make up that "money is an energy" in order to request it for their services, and the Temple ends up full of hypocritical merchants who speak of Peace and Love and then proceed to weigh and sell it in workshops and therapies in which the mouth says it is a servant, yet the hand grabs the money.

Adapting the freedom principles in Open Source towards an Open Magick, there's a real potential of a true Golden Age in the history of magick. If we get rid of the opportunists who sell that which should be freely shared, and those who believe they protect knowledge yet hide it from serious magicians who no longer accept the old and hierarchical ways, a critical mass of sharing individuals could bring magick towards places we can't even imagine.

This is then our Will through Open Magick, and we hope that of many more, here and everywhere.

There is no becoming, no revolution, no struggle, no path; already you're the monarch of your own skin--your inviolable freedom waits to be completed only by the love of other monarchs: a politics of dream, urgent as the blueness of sky. -- Hakim Bey